Free Concerts Featuring Bands in Northern Las Vegas, NV

Circa is a spectacular property that pays homage to the timeless spirit of Las Vegas while leading a bold new era with game-changing offerings. It is the tallest structure north of the Las Vegas Strip. If you're looking for free live music in Las Vegas, the best place to go is the Fremont Street Experience. Every night, there are free concerts by local bands to keep you dancing.

In summer, their summer concert series hosts several big names who perform for free in various genres. Past free shows include Nelly, Good Charlotte, and Sugar Ray, to name a few. Lumière Noire is an elegant night out in Paris without leaving Las Vegas. Eastside Lounge is another impressive place to enjoy free live music in Las Vegas. On the streets of downtown Las Vegas and along The Strip, there are a number of free live music opportunities throughout the city.

Asteroid M Records is a Las Vegas record label and recording studio founded by producer Cody Leavitt, dedicated to bringing an eclectic variety of musical, visual and performing artists to the Third Street Promenade. The next time you visit Las Vegas and look for free music, the good news is that it's not hard to find. With so many options available, you can easily find a great show without spending a dime. So don't miss out on all the amazing free concerts featuring bands in northern Las Vegas, NV!.

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