Finding the Perfect Local Rock Band in Northern Las Vegas, NV

Are you looking for the perfect local rock band to hire for your special event in Northern Las Vegas, NV? Look no further! The Bash can help you find the perfect band to fit your needs. From Jordan Sherman Band to Marisa Corvo, there are plenty of talented musicians in the area that can bring a unique and exciting sound to your event. Jordan Sherman Band is a multi-instrumentalist who brings many different styles and elements to his live performances. He is a Las Vegas cover band, Top 40 Band, Corporate Band, Wedding Band, and Party Band.

Marisa Corvo is another great option for corporate bands based in Las Vegas. She is also one of the best cover bands in New York and is available for weddings, parties, and private events. Premiere Wedding Music is a live string band based in Las Vegas that will add the perfect touch to your wedding. The HIT CROWD is Las Vegas' first top 40 party cover band, available for weddings, parties and private events.

Sharon Owens and Sebastian Anzaldo are famous imitators and headliners from Las Vegas who were on ABC's Next Best Thing. Jason (J-Mann) is a full-time musician from Southern California who has played in numerous corporate, private, wedding and casino engagements. Sonic Shakers is a live band based in Las Vegas, Nevada, that performs at weddings and other special events. This award-winning 5-piece band was voted “The Best of Las Vegas” in the Las Vegas Review-Journal magazine.

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