Do Bands in Northern Las Vegas Offer Music Lessons and Workshops for Aspiring Musicians?

Students in northwest Las Vegas have the opportunity to take part in a weekly group rehearsal, where they can learn to play classic rock songs simplified for beginning musicians. In addition, they have a weekly private music class with an instructor who helps them understand the concepts and skills behind their interpretive songs. At School of Rock NW Las Vegas, we are proud to watch our students grow from novice musicians to confident and inspiring rock stars in their community. Browse photos, videos, publications and more to discover why School of Rock NW Las Vegas is more than just a local music school.

Omar has had the privilege of performing with many renowned artists in Las Vegas, including Tony Bennett, The Who, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Seal, Andrea Bocelli, Luciano Pavarotti, Plcido Domingo, Kelly Clarkson, Cheap Trick and many others. Beth is a private teacher whose violin students have won the Bolognini competition, the Silver State, the statewide MTNA, the Sphinx National Competition and the Las Vegas Philharmonic Young Artist Competition. He has also been featured in chamber music series in Los Angeles (LACMA Sundays Live, Broad Stage Series, Redcat Series, among others), in New York and throughout Europe. Omar was born and raised in Las Vegas and began playing the viola through an orchestra program in high school at age 11. Dudder has been a member of the bass section of the Las Vegas Philharmonic since 2004 and was the main double bass of the Desert Springs Chamber Orchestra.

In addition to teaching and performing, Schiemer is a member of several organizations such as the National Association of Music Teachers (MTNA), the Las Vegas Music Teachers Association (LVMTA), the Suzuki Associations of the Americas (SAA), and the Early Childhood Music and Movement Association (ECMMA). She lives in South Las Vegas and enjoys hiking, writing, reading and traveling when she has free time. Neuman holds a bachelor's degree in musical performance from the Hartt School of Music (with honors), a master's degree in musical performance from the University of Montana, and a teaching certificate from UNLV. He is currently a professor of instrumental music at Alexander Dawson School in Las Vegas and a part-time professor of music at College of Southern Nevada. Beth has performed as a soloist and chamber music collaborator at concerts and festivals across the United States, Europe, South America and Asia.

Her performances have been broadcast on national television and radio in Ukraine, Spain and the USA. She can be heard on several critically acclaimed jazz recordings such as “Eclecticism” by Carl Saunders, “A Work of Heart” by Harry Skoler and “Here's to Joe” by Paul Broadnax - a tribute to Las Vegas jazz legend Joe Williams. Beth is also currently the director of marketing and public relations at Las Vegas School of Music at University of Nevada where she is an adjunct professor of horn.

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